Different Types of Soccer Bets Explained with Advice on How to Use Them


Types of online betting

Soccer is one of the most thrilling and popular sports in the world. Wagers make the game more exciting. There are many different types of betting on soccer matches. This guide will plot each sort of wager and clarify how it works. We will explain different types of soccer bets with advice on how to use them.

Match odds

Before we get to the details, let us know about match odds which is very important in soccer bets. Match odds determine the profit of your winning in betting. Bookies offer odds on wagers depending on the probability of the match. The odds may differ for different types of wagers. The team or the score which is more likely to happen has lesser odds where the other option has higher odds. You can earn a lot of profits by betting against the bookmaker and winning the wager which is quite difficult. The higher the risks, the greater the reward.

Betting types

There are various types of soccer bets. The wagers are quite simple but the tricky part is in predicting the correct outcome of the game which makes it worthwhile. Some bets are a bit complex than the others. There are pros and cons for every wager. You should try to figure out which wagers suits you the best and bet accordingly to get your money’s worth. Soccer is a simple game between two teams where the result depends on the goals scored.

Full-Time Result Bets

Full-Time Result is the most popular and simplest comparing to the other wagers. There are many ways of this betting. There is a win-draw-win where you bet on which team will win or if a match will end in a draw.

Half Time Result Bets

Half Time Result and Half Time/Full-Time Result is a popular twist to the Win-Draw-Win wager. Half Time Result includes the result of a match at half time only. The odds are almost the same as the Full-Time Result wager. You need to predict the match results of both half time and full time in Half Time/Full Time wager. The odds are a bit complex here because of two results.

Double Chance Bets

There is Double Chance wager which gives you more chances. It is quite similar to the previous bet we’ve talked about but you will get two options out of three to get it right. You will win the wager if you can get one of them right. So, this a much safer bet but the odds are lower comparing to the other bets.

Draw No Bet Bets

Then there is DNB (Draw No Bet) where which is also safe is there are only two options to choose between. You will only need to choose which team will be the winner of the match. No need to worry, the wager will be canceled if the match ends with a draw. The odds here are less than win-draw-win but slightly greater than double chance.

Correct Score Bets

Let’s talk about the more complex wagers. Correct score betting is quite harder than the previously mentioned wagers because of the chances of winning are slimmer. In other wagers, you only needed to predict the win/ draw/ lose of a team. Here, you need to correctly predict the exact match score at the end of the game. You will need to take a lot of factors into account and choose between the odds carefully. This wager gives better odds due to its difficulty.

First and Last Goal Scorer Bets

First and Last Goal Scorer is a simple yet tough wager. You need to predict which player will score the first and last goal in a match.

Scorecasts is a mix of both correct score and first Goal Scorer wagers. It is a very complex sort of bet.

Over/ Under Bets

Over/ Under Bet is a popular and easy sort of wager where you need to predict whether the total number of goals scored will be greater or less than a certain number. Sometimes there are more odds of total goals that give you more options to choose from.

There are also other special types of wagers where they bet on special events or actions. Like, extra-time score, time of the first goal scored, penalty awarded, red/ yellow cards shown, the number of corners, live betting, combining various types of wager, etc.

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