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This is the second most important league in Germany and often mirrors the 1st league on style, system and structure. As a format, the top three teams usually make it into the top division, but a playoff is usually organized between the 3rd placed team and the team that finished 16th in Bundesliga 1. Further, the league is made up of 18 teams that play 34 match days to determine the winners. The concluded 2018/19 season was won by FC Koln after a hard fought season.

The Bundesliga 2 is also popular among bettors and punters who try to seek out analysis of the weekend games, or match days and also bank on computer soccer predictions to turn their bets over. With teams like Koln, FC Paderborn and Union Berlin (all promoted to Bundesliga 1), the 18/19 league was awesome. Other teams such as Holstein Kiel and Hamburger SV, made for competitive matches. Again, the league has a host of good players that take it to a whole new level like recently crowned top goalscorer, Simon Terodde, make the league worth watching. With the Bundesliga 2, you never know what's going to happen and a big indicator of that is the packed stadiums, passionate fans and players willing to give it all they've got.

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Like most leagues, the Germany Bundesliga 2 division can prove quite the arduous task to predict. There are quite a number of good teams seeking promotion, and those that drop down from the Bundesliga 1 such as Stuttgart FC and Hamburger SV before it, make the league more competitive in nature. In fact, many punters lose money on some popular choices, but you can put that down to poor analysis of weekend games and other match days, half-baked data and not enough statistical information. In light of that, Forecastr, helps you take advantage of value bets by showing you where to look. You won't just get to see popular options, but the reasons, previews and analysis behind each. On Forecaster, you'll come across tips like match result (3 way prediction), handicaps, Over/Under, half-time and full-time results and goals, goals by teams, corners, cards, and many other options. Computer soccer predictions, are also used by Forecastr to cover every angle that leads to potential outcomes. Furthermore, Forecastr doesn't stop at providing you with accurate information and data, there are betting guides to make sure you're on the right track to achieve the best results and make some money along the way! The goals market are most popular, thanks to teams that are quite attacking and willing to adopt an attacking formation.